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article updated on Dec 05
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Jason Levin

What's Next for the 'Chrome?!

California Chrome. Dominant on dirt? Check. Terrific on the turf? Proved it with his easy as you please win in the Hollywood Derby. Solid on synthetic if need be? Yep. Tactical speed? Check. Push-button acceleration on the turn? Check. Will to win? 6-9 this year, 9-16 lifetime, so yes. Horse of the Year? Should be. Remind you of anyone? Yep, ‘Chrome is the new Wise Dan, and just in time, because the equally versatile ‘Dan is scheduled to come back in 2015 and so is ‘Chrome.

How cool is it that we might, and by might I mean it’s a longshot, but still, might see ‘Chrome head east and tackle ‘Dan on the grass in 2015?!....

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